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Projects from work

Projects done with some of the organizations I have worked with.

Booking.com | Loyalty Program

Desinging a gamification framework for Genius, the loyalty program of the world's largest travel company.

Research, interaction design, A/B testing, quantitive research, data analytics, travel, tourism

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Practo | Mobile App Redesign

Practo brings health and fitness to your phone and in your control. Here we talk about its latest design overhaul.

Digital product design, marketing design, healthcare, animation and brand design

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Practo | Health Records

Empowering patient to manage their health information and records from their Practo App.

Design strategy, digital product design, research, user journey, healthcare

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Practo | Medicine Reminders

A product aimed to solve all cases of unintentional medication non-adherence which are caused by simple forgetfulness.

Product design, research, animation, healthcare

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Edvice (now called Hashlearn)

Edvice is an on-demand tutoring platform for Indian students. It was later acquired by HashLearn, an Ed-Tech organization led by veteran entrepreneurs.

Product design, strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing design, research, web development, education

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Practo | Design Principles

Aligning on a shared definition of design excellence in solving some of healthcare's most significant problems.

Strategy, design process, healthcare

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Projects from school

Projects done during masters program at MHCI+D, Seattle and undergrad at BITS Pilani, India.


A tool to bring alternative care to patients suffering with depression.

Research, cultural probes, interaction design, prototyping, branding, healthcare

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Zero Energy Building

An asymptotic approach towards Zero energy Infrastructure via the help of solar studies and wind simulation.

Sustainable design, 3-D modelling, civil engineering, renewable and sustainable energy

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Being a developer turned designer, I love fiddling around with code. Here I talk about some of my most interesting projects.

Sketch Translate

This is a plugin to translate Sketch artboards into different languages. Directly from your Sketch file.

Sketch plugin, localization, mac app development, productivity

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Sketch Police

Design testing a time consuming, and often inaccurate task. With the advent of design guidelines and UI toolkits, there is a need for automating visual design testing. This plugin, still in its early stages, helps in validating your designs against design guidelines.

Sketch plugin, design testing, productivity

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Other Work

I have always felt the single way to learn something is to take off your socks and jump in with both feet. As Design, in general, is such an enormous ocean of intertwined skill sets, I still find myself yearning to learn more and more. Here are some of my other works ranging from illustrations to photography.

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Archived Work

Some of the older works done during the past few years.

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Featured Work