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There are many things to love about Sketch, but one of its most loved features is their plugins. I made a handful of such plugins to increase the productivity of designers.

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Sketch Translate

This is a plugin to translate Sketch artboards into different languages. Directly from your Sketch file.

The plugin uses a free Yandex Translate API. You can create your own key in less than two mins from here. Using the plugin, you can translate an artboard, group or even a text-layer, depending on whatever suits your needs.

Translating designs from English to Indonesian and Spanish within seconds

Need for this plugin

While working in some of the most prominent Product companies in India which cater to audiences in numerous countries, I realized that internationalization is a colossal mess. Digital Designers create mockups and screens for a particular language, prominently English. Next up, the Content Editors spend a fortnight in translating the textual content. Due to this process, designers have never been able to assess the scalability of their made designs.

Regularly, internationalization encounters a problem of not having adequate space for translations. For instance, let's notice the tag “Lie!” In English, it is four characters with the exclamation point. However, in French, it is nine characters: “Le Mensonge !” That is more than double the size of English. Moreover, yes, in French, there’s supposed to be a space before exclamation points. For designers, there is no simple tool to validate these.

Hence, I came up with a handy plugin which helps in translating the text in the mockups to different languages within seconds, without the need for the designer to leave their favorite design tool. The plugin uses Yandex's Translate API to render text to other languages and creates an alternative design within seconds. The open-sourced program is coded in JS, C#, CoffeeScript, and Swift. Designers now, with the help of this, can validate their designs and attest its scalability. This plugin is the only one present today and is being used by many digital design teams in India, US, and Europe.

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Lint for design

Linting is the process of running a piece of code that will analyze code for potential errors. This program checks the source code for Programmatic and Stylistic errors. The idea here was to create a similar tool for reviewing the design.

Here we detect font color, layer color and contrast issues within a single artboard. These could never have been caught by eye.

Need for this plugin

I have been leading the designs for the consumer app at Practo for a year now. We have an extensive guideline built which has all cases and rules mentioned clearly. While reviewing designs, the "gate-keeper" needs to check the designs for all these rules. Moreover, it is all manually done currently. This process usually takes a couple of days of redundant work per release cycle.

I have been working to automate the entire process. Feed in all the rules of your product guideline to this plugin, and you need not worry about the compliance of the rules mentioned in the guideline ever again.

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Spelling checker

This plugin helps you check the spelling of your text layers directly from Sketch. The plugin is using OSX's own dictionary to check for spelling mistakes.

Verify spellings of your designs directly from Sketch

Need for this plugin

Sketch is amongst the most widely used design tools used today. It is simple yet powerful. However, its native spell check features are insanely inadequate. Designers have no way to correctly verify if the spellings of the text used in their designs are truly correct.

This plugin uses the system's default dictionary and throws errors for any spelling mistake. There are some improvements I have been working on and will keep updating the Github file.

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Icon library

Working in big teams, we often create a mess of icons used. We know that providing a style guide does not suffice. We need a place for all the icons to maintain the consistency. While Adobe and other tools provide a library to manage assets and resources, Sketch lacks this extremely critical feature.

Here's a simple yet effective solution. Three easy steps to remove the chaos of icons from your daily design process.

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