Other Work

Some of the older works done during the past few years. Includes freelance work, side projects, and internships.

Practo, Bangalore

Framing Design Principles

Aligning on a shared definition of design excellence in solving some of healthcare's most significant problems.

Strategy, design process, healthcare

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Visit, Gurgaon

Brand and App Design

Visit is a one-on-one video consultation platform with doctors which has been featured as the next-big startup in the e-healthcare space.

Interaction design, branding, ai-bot, chat, healthcare

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Zomato, Gurgaon

Internal Tool Development

Zomato is a restaurant finder app to search for and discover restaurants to eat out at or order in from.

Web development, internal tools, rapid prototyping, food

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Structural Engineering

Analysis of Beams

Static and dynamic analysis of beams, a structural element that is capable of withstanding load primarily by resisting bending.

Product development, MATLAB, civil engineering

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