Development work

Being a developer turned designer, I love fiddling around with code. Here I talk about some of my most interesting development projects.

Design Automation

Lint for Sketch

This tool helps to validate your designs against your defined design guidelines, within seconds. A step towards automating design testing.

Sketch plugin, design testing, productivity, automation, mac app development

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Microsoft Education

Physical computing to teach STEM to kids

Building a scientific instrument using Arduino to investigate thermal conductivity of different materials.

Processing, rapid prototyping, physical computing, user testing, Arduino

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Design Testing

Sketch Translate

This is a plugin to translate Sketch artboards into any language. Directly from your Sketch file.

Sketch plugin, localization, mac app development, productivity

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Building Information Modeling

Zero Energy Building

An asymptotic approach towards Zero energy Infrastructure via the help of solar studies and wind simulation.

Sustainable design, 3-D modelling, civil engineering, renewable and sustainable energy

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