Namaste! I am a Multidisciplinary Interaction Designer with a hybrid skill-set ranging from design to engineering. I believe that good design stems from human-centered thinking complemented by systems thinking which leverages on diverse stakeholders. By constantly learning, practicing, and reflecting, I make design decisions that are desirable, feasible, and viable. I seek to create simple and purposeful interactive experiences by using the benefits of transpiring technologies.

Apart from my daily endeavor to be a better designer, I can be found headbanging to post-rock/ djent, reading obscure graphic novels, building design tools, or experimenting with watercolor + ink.

Current Read: Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid

Current Jam:

My toolbox

User insights & data-informed experimentation

Striking the right balance between data, empathy, and intuition by rigorous user research, data analysis, and A/B testing.

Strategy & systems thinking

Orchestrate value between diverse stakeholders to create design solutions that promote organizational aspirations.

Interactive user experiences

Bridging the gap between humans and their goals with meaningful solutions that encompass the realm of digital and physical ecosystems.

Prototyping & development

Rapidly turning ideas into tangible artifacts ready to test. VR experiences with Unity, physical products with Arduino, applications with JS.

How I got here

My motivation for taking up design as a career path was instead an unanticipated occurrence, which led to me co-founding a venture during the senior year of my undergraduate studies at BITS Pilani. I sought to solve the problem of lack of personal and impromptu tutorship for students preparing for university entrance examinations across India. Hence, I built Edvice, an on-demand platform which let students readily connect to tutors anytime, anywhere. We later got acquired by Hashlearn, making us one of the very few in India to accomplish a successful startup exit while at college.

Next, I joined Practo, a leading healthcare organization, where I worked as a Senior Product Designer. I built products which assist patients with interacting various stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem. I led the design for mobile apps which serves the needs of millions of patients across the globe. Most recently, I had been working as a Mobile App Designer at I worked on the team which handles the loyalty program for the biggest travel company in the world. Furthermore, I also worked on developing design tools and plugins for designers which helped them in faster collaboration and delivery.