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I am designer, researcher, and maker. For the past few years, I have been building experiences which are helping push the boundaries of AR/VR/MR at Facebook Reality Labs Research.

In the past, I have worked on complex strategic problems requiring blending of systems thinking and advancements of technology. I have worked on projects in the areas of healthcare, education, filmmaking, travel/ tourism, food, logistics, outbound hiring, building information modeling, sustainability, and productivity.

My interests are manifold and are constantly evolving, including miniature art forms from ancient India, frame-by-frame animation, algorithmic art using artificial intelligence, physical computing, intelligence-amplification, and design tools.

How I got here

Designer and Prototyper Current

Facebook Reality Labs Research, Redmond

Helping build AR/VR/MR experiences which shape advacements in the field.

Graduate Student

Master of Human-Computer Interaction + Design, University of Washington, Seattle

Learnt to design for complex wicked problems by honing and expanding my understanding of systems design, prototyping, and storytelling. Worked in Dr. Thomas A. Furness' Lab to create virtual experiences to reduce Fatigue in patients with chronic diseases like R-Arthritis.

Designer and technologist

Booking.com, Amsterdam

Designed the loyalty program for the biggest travel company in the world. Collaborated with researchers & teams from Shanghai & Tel Aviv to create a gamification model to increase user satisfaction & loyalty. Validated through A/B testing. Developed tools for the Design Team at Booking which helped in accessibility, internationalization, faster collaboration, & automating design testing.

Senior Product Designer and technologist

Practo, Bangalore

Led a team of 8 designers to build products which assist patients with interacting various stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem. Led the design for mobile apps which serves the needs of millions of patients across the globe.


Edvice, Bangalore

My motivation for taking up design as a career path was instead an unanticipated occurrence, which led to me co-founding a venture during the senior year of my undergraduate studies at BITS Pilani. I sought to solve the problem of lack of personal and impromptu tutorship for students preparing for university entrance examinations across India. Hence, I built Edvice, an on-demand platform which let students readily connect to tutors anytime, anywhere. We later got acquired by Hashlearn, making us one of the very few in India to accomplish a successful startup exit while at college.


User insights & research-informed experimentation

Novel and speculative human-computer-interaction and user experiences

Strategy and systems thinking

Prototyping, physical computing, and development

Latest writings


Designing your home for health

Health is a deeply personal matter, and we are humbled that millions of people trust Practo for their health choices. It is the place that connects them to everything they need to take good care of themselves and their loved ones. Whether it is about getting an opinion on a health issue or finding the right doctor for them, Practo helps millions of people live longer, healthier lives every day ...