Namaste! I am Saransh Solanki, a product designer specializing in user experience and interaction design. I believe that good design stems from human-centered thinking and methods and is amplified when created in collaboration with people of diverse backgrounds. I love learning about the complexities and the needs of each user. Hence, I have played roles of a civil engineer, cofounder, web developer, project manager and digital product designer in search of solving interesting problems. I envision myself to work as a Product Designer helping create a world for seamless communication and information transfer by utilizing the benefits of transpiring technologies in the field of newer interfaces, along with progressions in interoperability.

My motivation for taking up Digital Design as a career path was instead an unanticipated occurrence, which led to me co-founding a venture during the senior year of my undergraduate studies at BITS Pilani. I sought to solve the problem of lack of personal and impromptu tutorship for students preparing for university entrance examinations across India. Hence, I built Edvice, an on-demand platform which let students readily connect to tutors anytime, anywhere. We later got acquired by Hashlearn, making us one of the very few in India to accomplish a successful startup exit while at college.

Next, I joined Practo, a leading healthcare organization, where I have been working as a Senior Product Designer. I have built products which assist patients with interacting various stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem. I led the design for mobile apps which serves the needs of millions of patients across the globe. Most recently, I had been working as a Mobile App Designer at I worked on the team which handles the loyalty program for the biggest travel company in the world. Furthermore, I also worked on developing design tools and plugins for designers which helped them in faster collaboration and delivery.

If you have an exciting project in mind, please shoot me an email.

My toolbox

UX Design

I bridge the gaps between the user and their goals with creative solutions that encompass the realm of digital, service and more while taking the ecosystem of product into consideration

User Research

I conduct head-to-toe qualitative user research, including interviews, surveys, and usability testing, to uncover user needs and business potentials. I frame the ambiguous question of user behaviors with rigorous data-driven experiment design

Prototyping and design tool development

Being a developer turned designer, I love fiddling around with code. I have made a handful of Sketch Plugins and other tools which assist designers and design teams in functioning at a rapid pace. Moreover, I find myself comfortable with rapid prototyping on various platforms using Javascript or other suitable frameworks. Lately, I have been prototyping games and Virtual Reality experiences in Unity.

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